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    What is Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)?

    Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) corrects the tired looks on the face due to droopiness of the upper eyelid and bags under the eye.

    In it, the surgeon seeks to remove excess skin and sometimes fat that ‘weights down’ the upper eyelid.

    The droopiness of the eyelid creates a tiresome, older look in the face that makes patients look aged. Likewise, the presence of saggy bags under the eyes (lower eyelid) amplifies the tired look.

    The procedure is sometimes mistakenly called ‘eyelid lift’; however, no ‘lifting’ actually occurs.

    A surgical procedure for the eyelids is usually done for cosmetic reasons. There are functional benefits involved, however, relating to enhancing your field of vision.

    Eye Lifts can correct eyes prevented from opening completely.

    The removal of tissue and fat that causes droopiness in the eyelid will improve your vision.

    The surgery will also have you looking increasingly ‘awakened’, attentive, and younger. All scars from the surgery are strategically placed where they are less visible.

    All variants of the surgery proceed under anesthesia, local or general.

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    There are two different types of blepharoplasty available to perform. The surgeon will be the one to inform you about which is the most fitting to your situation.

    It’s the most commonly performed variant of the surgery. A blepharoplasty cuts the excess skin around the eyelids away. Also removing pockets of fat protruding from it. Thus, various creases that form from an excess of skin in the upper eyelids go away through the surgery.

    Please remember to indicate your medical history to our doctor before starting the procedure. After a meticulous evaluation, our surgeon will decide if you are a good candidate for it. Once approved, they’ll explain how the surgery will unfold and the technique involved.

    Once the procedure concludes, you will rest in a room for observation for around an hour. Afterwards, your chosen companion will help you from the hospital to start the recovery process.

    Renowned, skilful surgeons and low operational costs are available in Turkey. Due to these two factors, we can perform affordably-priced eyelid surgeries.

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