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Contracted Institutions

Tanfer Hospital

The foundations of Tanfer Health Group were laid in 1957. In 1982, Tanfer Clinic, Tanfer Health & Aesthetics in 2016 and Private Tanfer Hospital in 2019, we continue on our way.

Our approach to health since the first day we have been serving in our hospital; We use diagnostic and treatment methods that have a direct connection with the patient, specializing in technology and accepted on academic platforms. Within this framework, we follow and implement all developments and innovations in the field of medicine with our valuable team of specialists and surgeons with international experience.

Our hospital, which considers healthcare as a teamwork, has created a specialized medical and administrative staff by investing in human as well as technological equipment. The care, treatment and hotel services of all our patients are provided by our employees, whose professional development is ensured through continuous in-service trainings, with the principle of “Unconditional Patient Satisfaction”.



Our Mission

As Avicenna Hospital, in order to improve the quality of life of our society and contribute to its medical development, our mission is to provide preventive and curative health activities to citizens by creating appropriate economic conditions within a widespread and integrated organization at the highest level reached by the health sector, and to support by developing new knowledge and practices in all subjects in the field of medicine.

Our Vision

As Avicenna Hospital, our vision is to be a health facility that is excellent in all activities of the health sector, focused on patient satisfaction, hardworking, always improving itself and meeting all world standards.

Medical Park Hospital

As Medical Park Hospitals, the flagship of MLP Care Group, one of Turkey’s most well-established and experienced healthcare groups, we have been serving with 21 hospitals in 12 provinces of Turkey since 1993.

In addition to providing high standards of healthcare services all over Turkey with the philosophy of ‘Health for All’, we are among the leading healthcare groups not only in our country but also in the world with our scientific studies.

As Medical Park Hospitals, we offer quality diagnostic and treatment services with our three hospitals certified with the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation of the US origin.

As we continue to multiply the links of the chain with the principle of “living healthy and benefiting equally from health services is the most fundamental right of everyone”, we are taking firm steps forward to raise health standards with our advanced technology by spreading all over Turkey without compromising medical ethical principles.

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