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Beard Transplant



    What is Beard Transplant?

    esteGrande offers cutting edge beard and hair transplantation solutions to patients from all around the world. Our health services provide quality hair and beard transplantation with capable professionals.

    We, at esteGrande, take pride in our facilities and our standards of quality. Our health services have accredited physicians under its roof ready to be at your service.

    The beard transplant Turkey methods our surgeons use are forward-thinking, progressive and performed in internationally accredited hospitals.

    Our surgeons have years of experience and are hair transplant experts who have been rigorously tested and carefully selected to ensure that we are able to guarantee a high standard of quality to all of our patients.

    As well as creating the precise look that you want to achieve, beard transplants with esteGrande leave very minimal scarring.

    VIP Transfer

    We meet you at airport, we accompany you with our VIP cars.


    For international guests, we provide you 7/24 private translator service

    Medical Support

    We give lifelong medical support until you get perfect results.

    Hotel Reservation

    We provide accommodation service in a 5 star hotel.


    First results start showing at around 3 months mark, but final results usually require a year and a half.

    Crusting is a normal part of the process; you can do light massages to remove it after the first week. Just remember not to use your nails or any sharp object, your fingertips are just enough for this job.

    Depending on the number of grafts targeted it may range from 4 hours if it only includes beard transplantation to 8 hours if it also includes hair transplantation

    Recovery usually takes 3-5 days, this much will be enough to return to work, if it is not a physically burdening job of course.

    Local anaesthetics are often sufficient for most people. If you wish, you can opt-in for sedation during your operation.

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