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Afro hair transplant


Afro hair transplant

    What is AFRO Hair Transplant?

    African hair roots are curly, so they require a special method during hair transplant.

    The medical team should be experienced especially in african hair transplant.

    Since the roots are curly and the grafts are more dense, the transplant should be done accordingly: very dense and natural looking.

    The front line in afro hair transplant is also different. It is more straight and it should be designed accordingly.

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    The ‘gold standard’ of hair transplantation techniques is Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE method. However, it is not easy to perform FUE on Afro hair. Therefore, only the most skilled surgeons can offer the FUE method for Afro hair. Many clinics offer a test to see if you are eligible for a hair transplant.

    Someone of Afro Caribbean origin can have a hair transplant. Clinics can operate as long as there is a good donor site to collect follicular units and the recipient area is healthy enough to cope with newly implanted follicular units.

    The most critical step for this operation is to trust your surgeon and facility. Never use the hair transplant procedure if you feel uncomfortable. This is perhaps more important if you have Afro-type hair. You can get better results if you do your research well.

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