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Premium Fue Hair Transplant


Premium Fue Hair Transplant

    What is Premium FUE Hair Transplant?

    Hair transplant can be done in many different methods. Premium FUE means analysing the most productive and healthy hair grafts under a microscope before hair transplant and planning the operation accordingly.


    The most healthy and productive hair grafts are chosen, the best results you get.

    Instead of transplanting “any” grafts, transplanting the “chosen” grafts results in the most productive and natural looking solution.

    VIP Transfer

    We meet you at airport, we accompany you with our VIP cars.


    For international guests, we provide you 7/24 private translator service

    Medical Support

    We give lifelong medical support until you get perfect results.

    Hotel Reservation

    We provide accommodation service in a 5 star hotel.


    Rhinoplasty surgeries are commonly known operations as we have stated before. However, many people don’t know that there are two different methods of these surgeries. These methods are the endonasal approach, which is a closed surgery, and the external approach. External approach is, as the name indicates, an open operation.

    You can see noticeable growth after three months from the operation. However, seeing results requires patience in the case of hair transplantation operations. It can take more than a year to see your final results.

    The length of hair transplantation operations depends on the number of grafts that are needed to cover the balding area. But to give you an idea, we can say that the FUE procedure takes up to 8 hours.

    shedding. However, if your hair loss is still in progress when you apply for a hair transplant operation or if you experience further hair loss later in your life, the non-transplanted hair may fall out. This may leave some gaps in your hair. But through careful planning, unnatural appearances can be avoided. If you want full coverage, you can have another hair transplant.

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