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DHI Hair Transplant


DHI Hair Transplant

    What is DHI Hair Transplant?

    DHI is the abbreviation of direct hair implant. Special pens called choii are used during the operation.

    The channels are opened and the grafts are inserted at the same time with a single click.


    The graft is inserted into the pen and the angle of the pen is arranged, then the pen inserts the graft to the correct angle.

    The natural looking result depends on the correct angle. If the grafts are inserted correctly due to the natural line and angles, the result will be natural.

    DHI hair transplant also enables NO shave hair transplant.

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    We give lifelong medical support until you get perfect results.

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    We provide accommodation service in a 5 star hotel.


    Like in all other hair transplant operations, surgeons apply local anaesthesia to the patient’s recipient and donor areas before starting the DHI hair transplantation. Anaesthesia eliminates any pain or discomfort the patient might experience during the operation. In short, DHI hair transplant doesn’t hurt at all.

    Avoid taking blood thinners for at least a week prior to your operation to prevent bleeding. You don’t have to take any other precautions.

    Bleeding is minimal in the DHI operations, especially compared to the FUT method.

    The operations with the DHI method leave no marks or scars on the patient’s recipient and donor areas.

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