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    What is Breast Reduction?

    Reduction mammaplasty, or breast reduction, is a surgical operation where the doctor extracts unnecessary or unwanted tissue fat and skin.

    Generally, people with larger than usual breasts prefer this type of operation to relieve pain. Sometimes people choose to get this operation to get a better balance between their body parts too.

    Getting a breast reduction operation may increase the patient’s self-confidence and/or improve your ability to take part in daily physical activities.

    Our doctors will enlighten you about the procedure, what the procedure can and cannot do.

    After our doctors observe your case, we can inform you about the process with more details. This way, we can give you a realistic picture of your long term results after reducing mammaplasty.

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    Rhinoplasty surgeries are commonly known operations as we have stated before. However, many people don’t know that there are two different methods of these surgeries. These methods are the endonasal approach, which is a closed surgery, and the external approach. External approach is, as the name indicates, an open operation.

    In the endonasal approach, surgeons operate inside the patient’s nose using various tools. This way, no part of the incision is visible on the outside; therefore, there won’t be any visible scars on the nose. Not having any visible scars on the nose is a significant benefit. However, operating inside the nose brings several challenges and technical limitations with it.

    In external rhinoplasty operations, surgeons make a small bridging incision. The purpose of this is to adjoin the right and left nostril incisions. They fold the nasal skin upward to get better visibility of the lower nasal structure. This approach limits the distortion of the nasal cartilage significantly. It also allows surgeons to leave the components of the nasal skeleton undisturbed.

    But remember, it is not a simple operation. You have to be careful during your first week of recovery. Once you return home, you should start to apply cold compress into your incision area. Keeping your incision area cold will reduce the swelling. But you can’t completely stop the swelling. 

    Like in every other surgery, rhinoplasty operations come with some risks as well. Some patients may even require an additional procedure. However, by consulting our experts, you can minimize the risk. Furthermore, following the instructions of your doctor will be helpful for a faster recovery period.

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