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    What is Breast Esthetic?

    Usually, people undergo breast reconstruction when or right after getting a mastectomy.

    Though, breast reconstruction is possible even years after getting a mastectomy. In order to restore natural-looking

    Sometimes we also utilize tissue from other places of the body too.

    Often, as patients get radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy alongside mastectomy, they are not eligible for immediate reconstruction. So patients opt for delayed breast reconstruction.

    Getting a breast cancer diagnosis might be a scary experience, regardless of your background. It can be an emotionally draining experience.

    Our team will provide you with all the information you need to move forward with a decision.

    Different Types Of Breast Reconstruction We have many different options when doing breast reconstruction. There are two main methods: 

    • Implants: Our doctors use silicone or saline implants to increase the size of the breast (or both breasts in double mastectomy).
    • Autologous transference: Autologous reconstruction involves grafting tissue from the patient’s own body. Common donor areas include back, belly or thighs. The doctor may also implement an implant alongside autologous reconstruction.

    Implants come in waterdrop and round shapes. Both types have certain characteristics, our team will guide you through them upon your contact.

    VIP Transfer

    We meet you at airport, we accompany you with our VIP cars.


    For international guests, we provide you 7/24 private translator service

    Medical Support

    We give lifelong medical support until you get perfect results.

    Hotel Reservation

    We provide accommodation service in a 5 star hotel.


    The first thing about people who undergo breast reduction surgery is that they have large breasts. This may lead to several different health complications. 

    If you are a smoker, you should consider giving up the habit. To have a healthy recovery process without health complications, you need to give up smoking for a long while. Well, at least a long while. What’s more, if you have heart disease or diabetes, you may not be a suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery. Obese people are unsuitable for breast reduction (and most types of other surgical interventions) as well. 

    When you get in touch with our health services for consultation, our doctor will assess your overall health and medical history. Then our doctor will take measurements of your breasts and do an examination. You will have a chance to discuss how you want your breasts to look. We will give a comprehensive explanation of the benefits and the process surrounding this operation. 

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